Trionis provides inter-bank switching of Point of Sale (POS) and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) transactions, including authorisation, clearing, settlement and value-added services to payment card issuers, acquirers and payment schemes.

Trionis is independent of all card schemes thus allowing our processing services to support all card brands and to be completely brand-neutral. This gives our clients a completely open and balanced choice.

As Trionis can support switch processing for all card brands, our clients have the opportunity to process all their inter-bank and ATM and POS transactions through a single service provider. This allows our clients to minimise their investments and running costs and also to achieve economies of scale. Furthermore, our switching system is brand neutral, multi-country, multi-currency and can accommodate single and dual message formats.

ATM Interbank switching

Our ATM interbank switching service allows you to process ATM and manual cash transactions from a variety of schemes which are linked into the Trionis network using the choice of Single Message or Dual Message formats. The use of Single Message enables clients to benefit from initiating and concluding a transaction within a single message cycle. The following schemes are currently supported: AMEX, CUP, EAPS, EUFISERV, MasterCard, Visa.

POS Interbank switching

Our POS transaction and switching service is based on a system which can support both single and dual message. Our switching service supports the full range of POS transactions. We currently support Maestro, VPay and any bilateral agreement between schemes utilising the Berlin Group messaging formats.

Bilateral Switching

Our bilateral switching service can help banks achieve SEPA compliance in the most efficient manner, and one which delivers a high level of control over the way in which clients route their transactions. Our approach assists our clients in meeting the SEPA requirements in the manner which best suits their organisations' needs.

Transactions based on the following schemes can currently be processed on the Trionis Network

  • EUFISERV scheme from EUFISERV Payments
  • EURO 6000 scheme from EURO 6000
  • German ATM scheme from ZKA

Banks using our flexible bilateral switching service can decide which services (ATM or POS) and features they wish to offer their cardholders - and Trionis, with its broad acceptance can make it happen.

Gateway services

Trionis offers gateway services to both issuers and acquirers which enables access via a single gateway to all the major international payment cards schemes. Choosing to access the payment schemes via the Trionis gateway service eliminates the need for clients to invest costly resources in building, maintaining and supporting these gateways themselves.

Our gateway service currently provides connection to: AMEX, CUP, EAPS (for ATM), EUFISERV, MasterCard, Visa, DFS (Diners Club and Discover) and JCB.


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